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Flowing with Mindfulness

Flowing with Mindfulness (FwM) is dedicated to helping individuals and teams thrive and flourish through the synergy of Flow and Mindfulness. Whatever your background FwM can help you to experience more flow in your life through a combination of practical skills, education and the integration of mindfulness techniques.


Our mission is to help as many people as possible to enjoy life to the full, whether at work or play, through full engagement on the task, challenges that test and develop your skills, having clear goals and learning to remain present with focused attention. 

Within the FwM coaching team we have extensive knowledge of the science of flow, practical experience of both flow and mindfulness through elite level participation in sport and performance coaching. 

Through research, training and coaching we are committed to developing practical applied skills to help you achieve optimal experiences. 







What is Flow?


Flow is a desirable mental state where the mind and body work as one. The flow construct, developed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, has nine dimensions. People who experience flow often refer to it as "being in the zone", 'being totally absorbed in what one is doing' or 'being truly alive and intensely engaged in the activity".

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What is Mindfulness?


Some people think that mindfulness is about emptying your mind. However, mindfulness is simply about where you place your attention. The goal is to keep your attention actively in the present so that you are open to noticing new things without judgement. 

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